Most of photographs presented here were taken during fieldwork carried out in the 1986 and 1987 fieldwork seasons of the Rio Mazan Project. Prior to 1990, frogs of the genera Atelopus, Colostethus, Telmatobius and Gastrotheca were still abundant, however these genera have since declined, in many cases to the point of extinction. Fieldwork carried out in more recently, in 2004, at Chaucha on the western side of the Cajas plateau failed to reveal any of these genera, although suitable habitat still remained.


Paramo at about 3,500m, Cañar province, looking down into the upper Mazar Valley.
Cloudforest in the rio Juval Valley, Cañar province. While most of the valley was pristine when visited in 1989, part of the forest in this photo had been burned and a colonist's hut is present. Very little of this forest is likely to remain today.



Casablanca, in the Mazan Valley, near Cuenca, Azuay province. This was the base camp for the 1986 and 1987 Rio Mazan Project expeditions
Dead epiphyte laden tree in the rio Mazan Valley.



View from near San Antonio de Chaucha on the west side of the Cajas Plateau, Azuay province, in the background the deforested Loma Gur-Gur.
Quebrada Yakatuviana, to the north of San Antonio de Chaucha.