Panorama of Rio Suno valley looking towards Galeras


  The Rio Bigal Reserve is situated adjacent to Sumaco National Park in Orellana Province, altitude range 450-1000 metres. This page is the result of many visits to the reserve starting in 2009. The 2009, 2010 and 2011 field visits were carried out is conjunction with the Biodiversity Group.

This page is in construction and more species will be added at intervals.


AROMOBATIDAE - Poison Frogs Allobates sp. Allobates sp.
BUFONIDAE - Toads Rhinella marina Rhinella marina
  Rhinella margaritifera Rhinella margaritifera
CENTROLENIDAE - Glass frogs Chimarella mariaelenae Chimarella mariaelenae
  Hyalinobatrachium munozorum Hyalinobatrachium munozorum
  Nymphargus mariae Nymphargus mariae
  Rulyrana flavopicta Rulyrana flavopicta
  Teratohyla ameliae Teratohyla ameliae
  Teratohyla midas Teratohyla midas
CRAUGASTORIDAE - Rain Frogs Hypodactylus nigrovittatus Hypodactylus nigrovittatus
  Oreobates quixensis Oreobates quixensis
  Pristimantis "altamazonicus" Pristimantis brevicrus
  Pristimantis croceoinguinis Pristimantis croceoinguinis
  Pristimantis diadematus Pristimantis diadematus
  Pristimantis quaquaversus Pristimantis quaquaversus
  Pristimantis sp. (lacrimosus group) Pristimantis lacrimosus
  Pristimantis malkini Pristimantis malkini
  Pristimantis martiae Pristimantis martiae
  Pristimantis peruvianus Pristimantis peruvianus
  Pristimantis pseudoacuminatus Pristimantis pseudoacuminatus
  Pristimantis variabilis Pristimantis variabilis
  Pristimantis sp. 1 Pristimantis sp. 1
  Pristimantis sp. 2 Pristimantis sp. 2



Unidentified Craugastoridae
DENDROBATIDAE - Poison Frogs Ameerega bilinguis Ameerega bilinguis
  Hyloxalus sp. Hyloxalus sp.
HYLIDAE - Treefrogs Agalychnis hulli Agalychnis hulli
  Hyloscirtus torrenticola Hyloscirtus torrenticola
  Hypsiboas geographicus Hypsiboas geographicus
  Hypsiboas punctatus Hypsiboas punctatus
  Osteocephalus fuscifacies Osteocephalus fuscifacies
  Osteocephalus mutabor Osteocephalus mutabor
  Phyllomedusa tarsius Phyllomedusa tarsius
LEPTODACTYLIDAE - Terrestrial Frogs

Engystomops petersi

Engystomops petersi
  Leptodactylus wagneri Leptodactylus wagneri
CAECILIDAE Caecilia tenticulata Caecilia tenticulata


BOIDAE - Boas Epicrates cenchria Epicrates cenchria
COLUBRIDAE - Colubrids Chironius exoletus Chironius exoletus
  Chironius fuscus Chironius fuscus
  Clelia clelia Clelia clelia
  Dipsas vermiculata Dipsas vermiculata
  Imantodes cenchoa Imantodes cenchoa
  Leptodeira annulata Leptodeira annulata
  Ninia hudsoni Ninia hudsoni
  Oxyrhopus formosus Oxyrhopus formosus
  Oxyrhopus petolarius Oxyrhopus petolarius
  Siphlophis cervinus Siphlophis cervinus
  Siphlophis compressus Siphlophis compressus
  Synophis bicolor Synophis bicolor
  Xenodon severus Xenodon severus
  Xenoxybelis argentius Xenoxybelis argentius
ELAPIDAE - Coral Snakes Micrurus hemprichii Micrurus hemprichii
  Micrurus lemniscatus Micrurus lemniscatus
VIPERIDAE - Vipers Bothriopsis taeniata Bothriopsis taeniata
  Bothrops atrox Bothrops atrox
GYMNOPHTHALMIDAE Leposoma parietale Leposoma parietale
  Potamites cochranae Potamites cochranae
  Potamites ecpleopus Potamites ecpleopus
  Potamites strangulatus Potamites strangulatus
IGUANIDAE: DACTYLOINAE Anolis fuscoauratus Anolis fuscoauratus
  Anolis punctatus Anolis punctatus
  Anolis scypheus Anolis scypheus
IGUANIDAE: HOPLOCERCINAE Enyalioides laticeps Enyalioides laticeps
PHYLLODACTYLIDAE Thecadactylus solimoensis Thecadactylus solimoensis
SPHAERODACTYLIDAE Lepidoblepharus festae Lepidoblepharus festae


The old research station, 2010
Essential fieldwork supplies
Rainforest stream
Pitcairnia bromeliad