Version 1.2 January 2011

Recorded by Morley Read


Version 1.2 contains the same recordings as the original CD but with a new booklet bringing the taxonomy up to date to January 2011, gives names to several species which were unidentified in the original version and corrects several misidentifications.

There have been many taxonomic changes since 2011 so this CD is still rather out of date.

Since the original CD was produced in 2000 my audio and photo database has grown enormously. I am only now beginning work on a new version which may be released as a field guide with accompanying CD, or an interactive guide for iOS/Android.

Western Amazonia, and the Ecuadorian Amazon in particular, has an extremely high amphibian biodiversity, with more species of frogs per unit area than anywhere else in South America.  This important work  enables both amateur and profesional  biologists make sense of the bewildering variety of frog calls one hears practically everywere in this region both by day and night and enabling field biologists to assess frog populations rapidly as most species can be identified from their call alone. 

This work is the result of a decade of fieldwork in the region by biologist and photographer Dr. Morley Read

This audio CD includes sound recordings of the calls of 89 species of frogs and toads from the Amazon of Ecuador, below 600m elevation. A colour booklet is included which illustrates 90 species.

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This table brings the scientific names used on this CD (version 1.2) up to date to 2015. The track number is given with the current nomenclature. There are no changes for track numbers not listed.

5. Amazophrynella minuta

8. Nymphargus sp.

9. Vitreorana ritae

10. Hyalinobatrachium sp.

27. Hypsiboas calcaratus

28. Hypsiboas alfaroi

37. Dendropsophus nsp.

42. Osteocephalus cannatellai

46. Osteocephalus deridens

48. Trachycephalus cunuraru

49. Trachycephalus typhonius

57. Scinax funereus

68. Pristimantis aff. conspicillatus

71. Pristmantis aff. altamazonicus

69. Pristimantis matidiktyo

73. Pristimantis lacrimosus