Dr Morley Read is a freelance biological consultant, stills photographer and cameraman resident in Ecuador and is available for contracts. For details contact him on:

BSc. Hons First Class and PhD in Zoology from University of Wales, Bangor.

Considerable experience in rainforest biology, including 5 years in Trinidad and the Caribbean and 19 years in Ecuador.


Principal interest is herpetology, especially frogs, however I also have wide ranging interest in tropical ecology. The orchid on the left is Dracula morleyi, discovered in the Choco Region in Ecuador while Director of the Los Cedros Reserve in 1992.

Filmed for many TV documentaries, the latest being "Frogs the Movie" (Survival), for which I recieved the 2000 Animal Behavior Society semi-finalist award.

Also filmed and researched for: Living Planet, Big Oil, (BBC Bristol), Sexual Imperative, Camouflage and Mimicry (Partridge). Flames in the Forest (Ch 4) Iere Land of the Hummingbird (Pearl and Dean Caribbean Ltd).


A selection of my still images are shown on this page.

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More than 1,000 video clips covering fauna, flora, landscapes and environmental issues available for purchase online.

Archival footage shot in Ecuador on Hi8 dating back to 1990 is also available by reuest.

Herpetologist on Rio Mazan Project, 1987-88, Principal herpetologist on Maxus-Ecuambiente Fauna Monitoring Project, Yasuni 1994-6 and 2005-6. Consultant for many EIA's carried out for oil and mining companies in Ecuador and Peru and for the New Quito Airport.

Audio CD's of frog calls by Morley Read.

Specializes in rapid assessments of amphibian populations. Frog biodiversity can give important clues as to the overall biodiversity of the site as well as to the health of the ecosystem.

Biological surveys and filming work often require visits to remote and difficult locations (left).



Logistic support (transport, accommodation, research etc.) is offered for biologists, photographers and film crews visiting Ecuador.

Photo on right was highly commended in 1991 BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition.