This part of the site is currently being reorganized with the aim of presenting a more comprehensive coverage of the herpetofauna, and will also present field data for each photograph. Each locality covered will include a page of general information about the site with links to photo galleries covering the fauna. The site will now not be restricted to frogs and covers both amphibians and reptiles. Note this is going to be a slow process as it is being carried out as an unpaid spare time activity.


Ecuadorian Amazon (to be replaced) Napo, Orellana 250-600
Rio Bigal Reserve Orellana 450-1000
Rio Bobonaza Pastaza 400-600
Bosque Domono, Macas Morona Santiago 1,200m
Rio Blanco Zamora Chinchipe 2,000-2,800
The Northern Andes Pichincha, Imbabura, Napo 2,000-3,500
The Southern Andes Azuay and Cañar 2,400-3,500
Mindo Pichincha 1,200-1,800
Telimbela Bolivar 850-1,500
Bilsa Biological Reserve Esmeraldas 700


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