Reptiles and Amphibians of Ecuador

Reptiles and Amphibians of Iquitos, Peru

Reptiles and Amphibians of the Caribbean

Plants of Ecuador

Velvet Worms (Onychophora)


I carry out faunistic and floristic studies, monitoring of biodiversity, environmental impact assessments etc. Previous clients included oil companies working in the Ecuadorian Amazon, the New Quito Airport, management plans for national parks and other protected areas. Long-term monitoring of reptile and amphibian populations in a part of Yasuni National Park affected by oil development, a project that has run from 1994 to present.


Research Interests

I have a wide interest in tropical biology with considerable fieldwork experience in South America and the Caribbean.



Photography and Videography

I am a freelance biologist, stills photographer and videographer resident in Ecuador, South America.




These audio CD's were first produced in 2000 and are now out of date. However they are still available on request

Frogs of the Ecuadorian Amazon, a Guide to their Calls

Frogs of Trinidad, Tobago and the Lesser Antilles, a Guide to their calls

Guide to the Frogs of Mindo, Ecuador.